Testimonials for our products

Black Bear Solar Institute

Best performing and by far the most cost effective for hydroponic basil, kale,
peas, rosemary, and several varieties of lettuce and salad greens. Growth is
fast, lighting is cool and even, power consumption is extremely low, and there's
no chance of burning even tiny seedlings. We have a light spectrum analyzer
and the actual measured curve of plant-usable red and blue spectrum is exactly
as represented on the packaging and product Website. We couldn't be more
satisfied and plan to use many, many more of these in the future.

Marlene S.

This indoor garden is so great that I bought a second one. Now I have to
find 4 succulents to watch them grow! These were great additions to my
kitchen where I can enjoy them most.They also make great night
lights if they happen to be on at night when I walk into my kitchen.
They make me smile!!!


My first plant was radish. Actually I hadn't planted it before. My friend told me
I just needed to water them once every week. And I put the pot with seeds
under this small garden, it took me 20 days to see my baby radish, so
excited! It's really a great product even for novice plant growers or those
who haven't had success with growing plants in the past.


Very wonderful and clever design, and shipped flat. I've been running it
daily now for a few months, and the product is standing the test of
time very well. I’m a happy camper and can't wait to harvest my first crop!


Easy to install, fits my kitchen quite well, I’m gonna use this garden to grow
some herbs. It is very good to offers pots with recommended size, and also
expecting some good design pots in future.


The LED lights work fine as my new seeds are sprouting nicely. Doesn't
get hot but top does get slightly warm. it automatically runs with 16 hrs
on and 8 hrs off.Would recommend this product for small plants. I may
need to order another one!

Christopher J Goebel

Works great and my electric bill is way down and these should last well over 10 years... very happy with them...


Great product that everyone comments on. Herbs doing very well and tall.